2Pac - You can't diss me


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nigger you can diss me and diss me againe
but whon't stop so nigger fuck you and fuck
you and fuck you agane.I'm the illest fillest
nigger called E-Z the illest fillest lilkidG
there Is nothing wrong with me there is
sonthing wrong with you so nigger fuck you
what's wrong with me pulling my pance down
under my ass up down to my knee's with a
extra large shirt and to with ass nikie's on my
feat's that's yust me!!
even my mama doesn't tell's me what to do
so who the fuck are you to tell me what I can
and can't do you ain't god you ain't jezus and
you ain't my dade so nigger don't make me
made.I'ts all like clommelenady I'ts all about
my body,sweet body prity face and I'f gate
the cashe to bounce your girl's ass.
and I'f you whone kill me I'm E-Z the lilkidG
love is like kid's in gang's.you are that bad to
diss me behinde my back but are you that bad
to diss me in my face to, you sik bastad and if
you don't like me becous I sade that you are a
sick nigger than you can suck a dick nigger

niggaz can't stand me E-Z the lilkidG
niggaz whone kill me E-Z the lilkidG
by that name you'l remamber me
you can dis me and diss me agane
but I whont stop being the lilkidG
I'll still be the illefillest nigger called E-Z
the lilkidG...

nigger you whone diss me make shore that I don't
diss you disss me like you are running me over wth
a rover then its al over do you whone kill me get a
get your self a gun and make shore that I die and
let no mothetfucking blacktear drip from my eye I'll
be a true playboy ontill the day that I die and that
will be the day that I wry 4 my niggaz the day that
I'll die 4 my niggaz all you bitches and bitchas niggaz
no that I aint the prityest are the badest but by this
shit you are making me the madest
clommelenady its like 12 gunshuts in your body
there is no with man are nigger that heves to fear me
lord can you hear me

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