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You can't fade me - tekst piosenki


True, you a cutie, and naw I ain't tryin' to act a fool
and be rude, they call me Kastro, and you huh, sound like a cutie too...
what's poppin', with me and you, just hit me with the 7,
it'll be my pleasure to see what we could do...
oh you ain't alone, got a man at home,
answering the phone,
but he ain't the one cause if he is then why you gone...
what you drinkin' on, Hennessy,
with me a glass of Thug Passion and just some plain Pepsi...
oh you cool, sure, then I assume you ain't too much of a drinker today,
yous aiight, I think I want you right away...
see I'm only 18, these groupies, they just want to sue me,
push my hokey act like they don't smell my dookey...
and continue to be 22, so the oldest soldier on my team,
so I put you in my video, and give you plenty do'...
and my hotel room, 454, hope that you go...
baby, can you fade me?...



See girl, I'm laced with game, but it ain't similar,
the shit that I'm talkin' get more deeper, and callin' and comin' to visit ya...
it's hard to feel ya, but I been plan since I been born,
and I moved up in 8, wrote the page, turned, and now it's on...
can't ignore, the way you hit the club and play the floor,
hittin' up every position and that's for sure...
but I think it's more, in the situations that I'm facin',
yo shorty was hesitation, so I'm a replace him...
plus it get's specific, and it ain't no hooche that's alistic,
that the homies that I roll with twist it, and that's what makes me dis it...
I ran thru cousins, thru aunties, on down to children, for dropin'
the highest level of game and count no bitches...
now can you dig it, but you ain't in no competition,
cause most conversations you be kicking, you sure to get it,
now baby can you fade me...



All moo, you a little playa Napoleon,
but auh, I'm a show you how the big dogs do it nigga...
you ain't knowin' how to pull no bitch nigga...
look how you was studderin' and shit nigga,
watch out, get to the side, which one, pick a hoe out,
pick her out, nigga which one?.. that one?..
peep this shit...

Hold up baby we can get off thinkin' you could fade me,
evade my niggas like gravey in a attempt to play me...
oh yeah you crazy thinkin' you can just be suazy, cause my conversation,
gettin' you hot enough for love makin'...
participation is needed, yeah I'm drunk, and gettin' weeded in the back of my Jaguar,
the life of a rap star...
completely freakable, I get weak when I sit and think of shit that we can do...
let me introduce: Mr. Makaveli whos you speakin' to,
what's up with you, as you can see love freakin' you... (who?)
Black, Mexican, Puerto Rican too,
as long as it's ghetto you can bet I'm gettin' deep in you,
believable... I got my eyes concentrated on the size of ya thighs,
no I ain't trade baby, but won't you let me ride...
cause a nigga want the putty cat,
this Thug Passion,so ya man can't have it back,
and that's a fact...
so, how you wanna act, baby can you feel me,
like Run D.M.C it's like that, tell me,
can you fade me?...

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2Pac - You can't fade me

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