33 West - The Tijuana Song


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She was the devils daughter she was just eighteen
I swear I saw her face once on a magazine
She had a tight black dress to match her long black hair
And two long legs I’d follow anywhere
I was drunk on tequila and drunk on the night
My toes over the line when she turned out the light
My heart was saying yes but my head was saying no
I love the little girls down in Mexico

We started off in san Diego
Tequila drinking with amigos
Then went down to Tijuana
Smoking lots of marijuana

And it’s all good
Stay away from spicy food
Tell Maria when she calls
Tonight we’ll drink some alcohol

We were tossing and turning she was biting on my ear
It all felt so good man I had nothing to fear
As we’re tossing and turning and rolling on the floor
Her daddy comes a knocking at my hotel door
I was rushing around I put my pants on wrong
I couldn’t find the switch to turn the light on
I heard my senorita tell me I should run
Her daddy bought a brand knew twelve gauge shotgun

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