Beats And Styles - Everything is everything


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Don't worry yourself
Everything is everything

Yo, yo take life as it is, this world ain't made for no pessimist
Though you must know pain before happiness
cause there's no way's won where the other is
In general shit will hit the fan, it's essential
to work the discipline
Your ego don't care if you're wrong
Seek the truth in yourself to be strong

Everything is connected my brother
Don't deny your need for eachother
Keep your feet on the ground to discover
Things will end up in the right order
Everything is connected my friend
What goes around must come back again
Life is a beautiful game that we're in
Listen to the chorus to comprehend

Don't take words too personal
'cause everyman living is critical
Just remember you are original
And try to stay above the political
It's not a question about how
But the answer is about how you found out
Be yourself 'cause it's about now
Don't assume that you found 'til you find out

Everything is connected my brother
Everything is connected my sister
Everything is connected my friend
Just be

Everything's connected
We are all connected
Everything's connected
Just we.."

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