Bogusław Mec - I lost all your love


Tekst oryginalny

Now I'm losing you
I'll go on my way
For long time.
The bright days are gone
Again I'm alone
Just it's true.

Those were happy days
With smile on your face
Life was song
Sometimes I went mad
It made you so sad
I was wrong.

Now around is emptiness
Gloomy nights without you
I was crazy gambler
I lost all your love
Your love
All your tender, tender love

But I must be strong
I'm singing my song
Through my tears
Through my tears
I still hear your voice
But now all is gone
You're dream.

Today all is black
You never come back
To my life
You gave me a chance
But I was too blind
And you won.

Now around is emptiness...

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