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  • Autor: Bubba Sparxxx
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Bubba Sparxxx
Wonderful - tekst piosenki

[Intro - talking]
Make way
We point you to the money
Bubba K
We point you to the money
We paid, Bubba here

I don't know about y'all, but I feel wonderful
Yeah they lookin at me, yet I'm so comfortable
Girl look it here, I feel sensational
This that boy that you've been waitin for
Betty boo never mind what they say
What can I say today's been a great day

[Verse 1]
Everythang's funny at first
'Til I showed 'em how much bein country is worth
Just bought me a Dodge, a Hemi, give me 20 new 20's
I'm on day number 3, I need some energy in me
I been in the city behavin like I'm still in the woods
Just a white boy livin life as trill as I should
Really good, if I say so myself
Might be a little pale, they can't hate on much else
Cause when I take this shirt off and show this girth off
It's all over but the tears, if your ho is up in here
Go on throw a couple beers on my tab tadpole
Life goes on, so you got your little rascal
Hate to blame you, I'm just celebratin me
it's goin down tonight, better tell 'em baby D
Now say WHO'S world is this, must be Bubba K's
Couldn't be no other way, hey


[Verse 2]
Up up, up and down on my back baby
Everybody singin now, 'cept for the fat lady
I may be half crazy, but I feel full blown
Huntin for a fire, to throw my little wood on
Chop chop, heat it up, beat it up, eat it up
With Dre and G wildin, these freaks love each of us
Now it's new to Louise to love
Cause peepin is for communist and Bubba is a capitalist
Sit down on my lap and let's
Talk about the first thing that pop up little Michelle
A whisper when it's in a shell, turn the yellow into swell
Already been to hell, I'm tryin to see how heaven feel
Could of cracked a cranium or two, but still I kept it chill
Let me live, I let you live, bygones is bygones
I worked my movie or two, do your dance to my song
We won't be alive long, but since the court afforded us
The luxury for a minute, I'm feelin glorious


[Verse 3]
I'm in a good place, I've got this thing whooped
I'm cookin with grease, these suckers can't look
They disgusted and it baffles me
I'm rappin happily again, you should be glad for me
Actually, you can get on 85
Goin through the southbound lane, you okay to drive
Cause they can't deprive us, this is our turn way
'Hip Hop Hooray' it's everybody's birthday
You need a hearing aid, I said I feel wonderful
I'm fittin to take it to the house and pick my own fumble up
And anyone that loves life as much as I do
Hope you love it ever more since I made the South blew

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Bubba Sparxxx - Wonderful

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