Coma - Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków (ang.)


Tekst oryginalny

No one knows yet
If the old sun will sketch a new day
A tinny noise tries to get through the panes
Into the soft dream
Dogs are screaming in the streets
The tea raised a scream
At neighbour's house
Not even one road leads me back into
The dusky night

And it all seems to be
As it should
In a moment the dawn
Will wake me
But tell me why I,
With this mortal fear,
I just cannot…

It’s hard to understand, but nothing
Gives the power to live
And some delicate part
In this events' frame has broken
I wanted to fix the world
But now I can see that I…
Am one of them,
Damned motherfuckers and pigs

The road so broad
Wasn't mine
Lucid power
Lost forever

And now I know how low can fall
The one, who didn’t do his time in humility
That’s why I am afraid
That in a minute
I will have to get up and live

The wasted forces of the great army of the sacred symbols
Unwanted thoughts, faith calamity, waves of fear
With an irreversible consequences they destroy the firm asylum of dreams
And now it’s the time to swagger with your face lost
Into next day…

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