Elegy - I'm No Fool


Tekst oryginalny

According to you, just a matter of time,
Me falling on my knees.
Make place in the end of the line.

You've got the tools I wanted to steal,
Guaranteed a steamy night.
I heard it from too many guys.

Why anticipate, hiding in the shade.
Watching the big love pass by.

I'm no fool, I'm no fool for you.
I've waited too long, had to go on,
So don't say I've left you behind.
I'm no fool, I'm no fool for you.

Reaching for a new horizon,
Leaving past in silent shame,
Out of this world of fantasy.

I watched you move, night and day,
Breaking through my walls of pain.
Ooh now I'll break away.

GET OUT first you lead me on,
Now you throw me away.
GET OUT leave me be, I want out.

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