Elegy - The Story


Tekst oryginalny

The following tale depicts the life of a vulnerable child born into a
World of poverty and despair. The scene is set in a typical overcroweded
And run down industrial city. A haven for ranks of the unemployed. A young
And naive couple against all odds, ignore the advice of others and
Secretly marry. Ignorance playing a major role in their futile lives,
Their instincts sadly influenced, she is pregnant with their first
Child, while he searches frantically for a means to support them. As time
Grows shorter, and his chances slowly diminish, the pressure bears heavily
On his brittle shoulders. Desperately he battles against his own
Weaknesses, trying to find strength within. No-longer can he smile, nor
Will his conscience give him the freedom to lie or cheat. Exhausted, weak
And weary, he can't bear to face her. Passing a backstreet bar, he's
Easily enticed inside, while a stranger sensing his vulnerabilty, helps to
Alleviate him from the responsibilty for the couple's last savings. Dumped
In a drunken heap, and the stranger nowhere to be found, the father
Struggles to his feet, as the alcohol suppresses his will to fight.
Momentarily he sees a way out. A vantage point high on an empty bridge,
Peacefully he falls to his death. Frightened of exposing her identity, she
Gives birth in a darkenend backroom. The innocent child free of pride or
Prejudice, begins it's long journey discovering life's wonders, and
Tragically life's many weaknesses.

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