Fang - They sent me to hell C.O.D


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When I was young I did questionable things
My parents and teachers
thaught me quite insane
My priest kneeled me down
and asked me to repent
I said fucker get back
I aint even half bent
They junkyards my playground
I laugh as fools go to church
My parents threw me out cause
I was the Devils work
They singled me out like they once did to Christ
I said if religions so great
Why does it come with a price
They sent me to hell C.O.D.
They sent me to hell cash on delivery
They Sent me to hell C.O.D.
Into the devils arms he was waiting for me
Now I'm an adult it's a new different game
You'll die fast without power or fame
I go in a bar, all the heads turn to look
The regular boys say I came out of a book
The jocks and the rednecks
They just don't understand
Why I won't pay the price
To be in the promised land
The mothers they don't want
Their children near me
So they'll never copy the behavior they see
Now i'm down there looking up Kathys skirt
Trying to grab some nookie
But my fingers get burnt
I run in circles looking for a way out
The devil laughs and turns me into a trout
I look in the mirror and to my suprise
On Tom's forehead is stamped
My utlimate demise
They got me wrapped up
In yesterdays news
I looked down and read how I killed all the jews

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