Hacavitz - Nightwinds


Tekst oryginalny

I bleed for the nightwinds
Summon to perish the flesh
Disgrace over humanity
Frightful pest so dead

Celebrate night
Drink with pride the fall
Ov this eternal
Dark holocaust
Fiendish this
Seance to be
Tormenting hellwaves

I dream into nightwinds
Bestial raids ov apocrypha, erase
Enthrallment ov the somber
Dismal zephyrous embrace

For night and beyond
For ages ov darkness to come
May eternal the moon to rise
Nefarious abominant midnight

Sacrilege made storms
Blissful obscure dread
Festering in torment
Rejoice into death
Forth darkness, into darkness
Winds ov cavernal grandeur
Erupting the flesh ov the ancient ones

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