I Against I - Stumble and stare


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I'd rather not see you 'cause i'd like to see you again. i'd
Rather not see you 'cause you'd see the geek i am. i wish that i
Knew you, i don't. i just wanna hold you, i won't. i'm just
Afraid you'll say no! before you go. when your eyes catch me i
Stumble and stare at the floor. i wanna talk to you, instead i
Walk right out the door. i wish i was braver, i'm not. i wish i
Could give all i've got. i'm just afraid you'll say no! before
You go. i wish i could call you, but you would hang up. i wanna
Talk to you, but you'd say "shut up!" there must be
Some way to let you know i don't want you to go.

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