I Am Empire - Carry On


Tekst oryginalny

When the planets align you'll get your shot at the stars
I hope you're okay with that.
I know it's not what you expected, but I will perfect it.
Just lay your time on the ground,
Seek simplicity, and find your way back home.

Carry on, Carry on, this is just the beginning.
The second inning to the game
Let's just move along, move along as if nothing could stop us.
Nothing can stop us now that we know where we belong.

It's just like you to walk away when things get too tough.
I am, I am the constant pulse in your beat.
If only you could see what I see
Maybe you would realize
The more you learn the less you'll know of me or what will be.

We belong to you.
Wrap your arms around me; tell me I'm the image in your eyes.
Hold a tight grip (Don't let go), don't slip (Now I know)
I'm close to falling for you.

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