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  • Autor: Izzy Stradlin
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  • Tagi: izzy stradlin
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Izzy Stradlin
Shuffle it all - tekst piosenki

Boredom saturation
It\'s a never ending clue
Isn\'t just to fill the time
When there\'s nothing else to do

She drove on out of New York
She had enough insane
And drivin\' just though Texas two days
She ended up in L.A.

Shuffle it all
Shuffle it all, yeah
Shuffle it all
Pack up your life again

A pile of records spread out
The covers still look good
Picture here a Peter Tosh\'s
startin\' down and a smokin\' wood

My dog dreaming is running
I see him twitch a paw
My woman playing Dr. Mario
On the TV all night long

Just another cigarette
Staring at the moon, yeah
Then I\'m headin\' off to bed
Sleepin\' without you, yeah

Shuffle it all
Shuffle it all, yeah
Pack up your bags again

It\'s a long and winding road
Sure enjoy the view, yeah
If you want to see it
Just slow down
You\'re so welcome to come along

Lookin\' for a tune to play
I\'m gonna see it again
When the day is over
Try to write you \'bout the rain

Feel the motors winding on
There ain\'t no news
If you see those old friends out there
Tell them that I send my love

Wake up, time to leave again
Try to find my shoes
Put the luggage in the van
Roll up your Doctor Dolittle

Shuffle it all
Shuffle it all, yeah
Shuffle it all
Pack up your things again
Shuffle it all (Keep movin\' along)
Shuffle it all (Keep movin\' along)
Shuffle it all (Keep movin\' along)
Pack up your life again
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Izzy Stradlin - Shuffle it all

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