J minus - while it lasts


Tekst oryginalny

I can't feel a thing
I'm not sure what happened to me
this can't be a dream
'cause I've been here too long and I never fell asleep
the last thing I remember is driving in the rain
I had no destination just a need to get away
then everything went black
and now I can't get back

I used to breathe
roll the windows down and taste the summer breeze
the sand is slip, slipping down the hour glass
enjoy it while it lasts

the days feel like years
there's no one else here
the world I used to know has disappeared
I find no evidence
I hear voices
but they could be in my head
I miss the simple things the most
a winter snow
the sound of rain against my window
this is what it's really like to be alone
I just want to go home

what becomes of me?
I've heard answers that I cannot believe
everything is gone and there's nothing left for me
just a memory of the days I used breathe

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