Jon Secada - Fat chance


Tekst oryginalny

How ordinary the cat that ate the canary
He just couldn’t get it last night
Well isn’t that special the eye on the cradle
Just wasn’t all settled but it’s allright
Well some operator you say you’ll give it to me later
You say you’ll give it to me later
When you’re done with your things
So that’s what it takes, what a difference a day makes
When all that you say is not all that you mean.

It’s alright, it’s alright
I ain’t looking for it but it’s alright

Woe woe fat chance
Taht I’d been seen together with you
Now don’t be waiting
Woe woe fat chance
That I’d be caught making love to you
Say we don’t need it

Pennies from heaven and so I’m forgotten
For doing what you knew I would try anyway
That’s why you don’t know me you won’t get to know me
Se let it loose, let it ride
Love is pure and pure is the truth
Then you find the cure of what you’re scared to do
Right smack in the middle gotta take it to heart
So don’t get me started before we get started

Repeat Chorus

Ah ah ah ah ah

Repeat Chorus 3 times

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