Josef Hedinger - About Being Alone


Tekst oryginalny

Growin up I didn't think
Love was for me
I could see myself bein single for eternity.
See I thought love was just a game you play
When your vulnerable and wanna give your life away.
That I was so close
But to never let anyone in.

And then you came
Like an angel in the sky.
Save me from the pain
Of being lonely for the rest of my life.

Now you were my dream come true
Now tell the world
That I'd be lost without you
And I'm not ashamed
To admit that you make me whole
And I can't explain
How it feels to not worry no more
About being alone

I don't think you understand
You turned this boy into a man
It's because of you
I feel secure and can see
Kid's in my future...with you
Now I was so close
But to never let anyone in


Now I never knew that it can feel so good
To fall so hard, baby, to fall so hard.
And then they say that once you get a broken heart
Well, then you're scarred
But I'm so far from worrying......about us


Yeah. I love you.

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