Judy Garland - I Could Go On Singing


Tekst oryginalny

When a dove is in love, with a doll of a dove,
He is out all night coo cooing
When the owl's on a prowl, or a femimine fowl,
He goes out all night woo wooing

Every bird and bee has it's loonacy
In the way he works his dream off
But when I feel high, here's the way that I
Like to get my kind of steam off:

Owls, hoo hoo
Others sigh
Doves coo coo
Ah, how I...

I could go on singing, til the cows come home
And the rooster starts to crow, crow, crow
When I see your eyes, I go all out
I must vocalize til you shout "enough already!"

I could go on singing, til the moon turns pink
Anything from Faust to Ink-a-dink-a-dink
Love does funny things, when it hits you this way!

Repeat Chorus

I must keep on singing, like a lark, going strong,
With my heart on the wings of a song, singing day!

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