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  • Autor: Judy Garland
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Judy Garland
You Made Me Love You (Dear Mr. Gable) - tekst piosenki

Dear Mr Gable
I am writing this to you
And I hope that you
Will read it so you'll know

My heart beats like a hammer
And I stutter and I stammer
Every time I see you at the picture show
I guess I'm just another fan of yours
And I thought I'd write and tell you so

You made me love you
I didn't wanna do it, I didn't wanna do it
You made me love you
And all the time you knew it
I guess you always knew it

You made me happy
Sometimes you made me glad
But there were times, sir
You made me feel so sad

You made me sigh 'cause
I didn't wanna tell you
I didn't wanna tell you
I think you're grand, that's true
Yes I do, 'deed I do, you know I do

I must tell you what I'm feeling
The very mention of your name
Sends my heart reeling
You know you made me love you

Aw, gee, Mr Gable
I don't wanna bother you
Guess, guess you got a lotta girls
That tell you the same thing

And if you don't wanna read this
Well, you don't have to
But I just had to tell you about the time
I saw you in, "It Happened One Night"

That was the first time I ever saw you
And I knew right then
You were the nicest fella in the movies
I guess it was 'cause you acted so
Well, so natural like

Not like a real actor at all
But just like any fella you'd meet
At school or at a party
Then one time I saw you in a picture
With Joan Crawford

And I had to cry a little
'Cause you loved her so much
And you couldn't have her
Not 'til the end of the picture, anyway

And then one time I saw you in person
You going to the Coconut Grove
One night and I was standing there
When you got out of your car

And you almost knocked me down
Oh, but it wasn't your fault
I was in the way
But you looked at me and you smiled

Yeah, you smiled right at me
As if you meant it
And I cried all the way home
Just 'cause you smiled at me
For being in your way
Aw, I'll never forget it, Mr Gable
Honest angel, you're my favorite actor

I don't care what happens
Let the whole world stop
As far as I'm concerned
You'll always be the top
'Cause you know
You made me love you
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Judy Garland - You Made Me Love You (Dear Mr. Gable)

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