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  • Autor: Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
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  • Albumy, na których znalazł się utwór: Viking
  • Tagi: lars frederiksen the bastards
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Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
My Life to Live - tekst piosenki

My Life is just like a car crash
So slow down girls when you go passing me by
My world can never stop spinning
I got a girl in every city and they all know my name

Old ones and young ones and big ones and small ones
Different colors and countries I love 'em all the same
She wakes up in her make-up
We don't break up we just make up
we Slept all day cause we fucked all night
Well we roll and we ride like outlaws tonight
There's no tomorrow no endin' in sight
Where I lay my head that's where I make my bed
And tonight I'm in the delta the heart of Mississippi

Sometimes I roam far from my home
So far I got no place to go back to
I left New York with a suitcase in my hand
I had nowhere to go I had no certain plan
Well, She walked into the room and
I felt like I knew her
From another lifetime I lived
Crossed the ocean to a foreign land
If you've been where I've been then you understand


I met a girl in Ocoya she said Tim, I'm
gonna show you a good time
And she took me up the stairs
Took off her shirt pulled up her skirt
Laid on the bed and said "come over here"
I love her breasts and I love her thighs
And I love her smile and her deep brown eyes
Well the first days of spring
Good luck will bring me fortune
As I travel on my way

Had a threeway in Austin
Just like in Boston
Just like I'm gonna do again tonight
Rancid punks movin'
We always are tourin'
breakin hearts in cities that I leave behind
San Francisco, Sweet Chicago
I've done every hooker from here to Toledo
I charm 'em and I fuck 'em and I
wish 'em good luck and
hopefully I'll see em when I come back around


Andrea and Sabrina, and Tanya and Tina
Jayne and Sylvia and Debra and Christina
Sonia and Paula and Inga and Carla
Greta and Barbara, Anka and Darla

Well Carrie and Mary
Nikita and Natasha
Cindy and Nicole
Jenna and Little Sasha
Ava and Kara
Rebeka and Sara
You're all my girls and I'll never forget ya

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Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards - My Life to Live

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2010-01-10 18:52 Albumy Viking
2010-01-10 18:51 Treść piosenki
2010-01-10 18:51 Treść piosenki
2010-01-10 18:51 Treść piosenki