Lionel Richie - Cinderella


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As I was walking down a
path in the woods one day I
came across a vision
that caught my eye
there was a lady standing
right there beside a well
and I heard her whisper
what you wish for you can have
and then a vision went away
I thought that I had lost her
girl I'm been waiting for
can't believe I just saw her
she is the finest thing I ever could imagine
now I want her next to me
cause I want cause I want more


Come to be my cinderella
straight to my wishing well
your the one I'll always cherish
Come to be my cinderella
Straight to my wishing well
your the one I'll love forever

She nears a gentle flower
she nears the sun and rain
and she could be the reason for my joy and my pain
first thing I see each morning
last thing I see at night-and-
you know if I could have all that
That's all I wish for in my life
Why did she have to go
what do I say to find her
this girl is the only one I just can not deny her
she's making love to my mind
And I can't forget this feeling
It's her voice that's calling ya
it's her voice I need


ohhhhhh cinderella
ohhhhhh cinderella
ohhhhhh cinderella

your all that I want
your all that I need
come back to me now

ohh-ohhh- yeahh

Refrain 2x


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