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Louis Armstrong
Baby, it's cold outside - tekst piosenki

I really can't stay
(Mama, it's cold outside)
I've got to go way
(I said, it's cold outside)
I wish I knew how
(Tickled to death that you dropped in)
To break this spell
(You better break that spell..a-vo-tu)
My mother will start to worry
(Mama, what's your hurry)
Father will be pacin' the floor
(He's gotta go...he's gotta go)
Really I'd better hurry
(Please don't hurry)
Well maybe just a half a drink more
**(Take some 'Swiss Kriss' while I pour)
The neighbors might think
(Mama, it's bad out there)
Hey Pops, what's in this drink
(Ain't no fun to be had out there, you know)
This evenin' has been
( It is outta here.....)
So nice and fine
(Take another drink-a-wine...and
maybe you'll change your mind)
I ought to say no, no, no, sir
(You don't have to call me sir)
At least I'm gonna say that I tried
(Give it up...give it up...give it up)
I really can't stay
(And, don't hold out)
*BOTH* Ahh, but it's cold outside

(Look-a there honey...look at that window there...you can't go
out there in all that bad weather take a look...............you lookin'
at the wrong window anyway...........that's a bay window there........
see the one that's in the middle there.......yeah the one that's boarded
up...that's an out house there..........ain't no usein you goin out there
in all that bad weather...gettin' them two little skis all frosted up)
Yeah well Pops, I didn't tell Mama and Papa where I was goin
(You did what)
In fact, I sneaked outta the house
(Oh, Velma, don't never do that to your Mama and Papa......stay here
three more days then you go back home to your people there)
There's bound to be talk tommorow
(What about my sorrow)
At least there will be plenty implied
(Yeah, you tellin' me)
I really can't stay
*BOTH* Ahh but it's cold outside

Hey Pops, I'd really like to stick around
(Yeah I wish you would)
But I live so far...I live way over on the other side of town....over in
the aristocratic part...way over
(Where would that be Honey)
Over on Jackson Street
(She been in town two hours and she done found out where
Jackson Street is.....................Yes indeed folks this is the place.....
you know where you can get two drinks for forty cents here......then you
come outta the gate and fall flat-a-your face.....that's what you do)
(Yeah your Shoes are loosey...and let's get juicy)
*BOTH* Yeah, but it?s cold
(bah-da-da-dat) outside
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Louis Armstrong - Baby, it's cold outside

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