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  • Autor: Luther Vandross
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Luther Vandross
I'll let you slide - tekst piosenki

Back to back and side to side
There's only music on my mind
Nothing to worry about but the beat
I wanted you to come and dance with me
But you wanted to stay home and watch TV
Ahhh, but when I got there to my surprise
There was another guy looking into your eyes

Chorus I:
I don't want, don't want us to fuss and fight
From right now 'til tomorrow night
So if you promise to love only me and be by my side
I'll let you slide

Without a doubt tonight is the night
That we gon' really roll when the time is right
And we're gonna carry it into the dawn
Oh, but where are you, where can you be
I've been waiting, it seems an eternity
I took our favorite song from the record stack
It was Hey, Jimmy Mack
When are you coming back

Chorus II:
Well, I'm so disappointed you're gone tonight
'Cause your love is the spice of my life
But if you hurry back in the mornin'
Then alright, I'll let you slide tonight
Up and down, pacing round, walking in my sleep
'Cause you've got a promise to keep
You've got to come back
And love, love, love, love, love me right
And, huh, I'll let you slide tonight

I can't wait til tomorrow, baby
Can't you come over tonight
I can't get to sleep, my baby
Come and rock my cradle left to right
I tossed and turned and called you up
But there wasn't anybody home
It makes me sad, I need you bad
But I guess I'm just gonna have to wait until tomorrow comes
Slide, I knew it, I knew it
How could you do it
Slide, its alright, I'll let you slide tonight

I hired me a private eye
To ceck up on your cool little alibis
And what he discovered was woeful to me
Baby, if you intend to stay with me
Then you can't see the guys that I know you see
Come on, let's ake up and promise to start anew
Let's take the morning off, Ive got some plans for you

Chorus III:
Making love by the moon can be mitghty fine
But when the sun rises, so do I
So if you rock it to me in the mornnig
Then alright, I'll let you slide tonight
Really missed you today, I was on the run
So wake me up when the morning comes
I think I'll dance to some music and groove on the party light
And let you slide tonight


Get up, oooh, let's love baby
If you do it nice in the mornin'
Then alright, I'll let you slide tonight

Get up, ooh, let's love baby
If we do it twice in the mornin'
Well alright, I'll let you slide tonight

Get up, ooh, let's love baby
If it's really nice in the mornin'
It's alright, I'll let you slide tonight
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Luther Vandross - I'll let you slide

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