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Mr. Lil One
I Miss You - tekst piosenki

I Miss You
Mr Lil One ( Album : Once in a Decade Pt. 2 )

Yeah, I wanna dedicate this one to my Mother and my Father
Here we go

I'll be showin' up and stalkin motherfuckers that be talkin
Walkin in my city, full of pity, but I really
Think I need a moment
Where am I goin?
I don't really know but I think I better go
And show up at your premises, show you who the nemesis
I collapse motherfuckers in they raps
I make them all pass out, sleep or whatever
Days they got left, introduce you to your death
I'm related to that motherfucker down there
Snatchin' up your bitches with the long hair
Speak on my (?) when the Lil needed figures
You showed me you was bigger, always kept in on the reala
Peace to my momma and my daddy up in heaven
You should of named the Lil 187

Peace to my momma and my daddy up in heaven
You should of named the Lil 187
Sorry for the mishaps and all my sick raps
I reminisce you
Every day I miss you

Everybody come around me
Talkin' bout they love me much
I really don't give a fuck about such and such
You know how it go
Muthafuckers play the role
Pretend to be they friend
Say they down 'til the end
And yeah I got my homies
But I'm lonely
Need a lil' time just to gather up my mind
Impossible the cost that I pay throughout today
I'm down for whatever
But I'd rather make it better
Remember what I told you (?) the last time
So you better call me quick when you pass mine
I know about the way you motherfuckers play your games
Grab a million pages and I fill them up with names
And throw em in the fire with the liars and the choir
Always got my back, you could hear it when I rap
My mother had my back but my daddy never did
But still I give it to him (why's that)
Cuz I live


But now I'm 27, and a father with a daughter
Hear alot of drama, but I'm knowin' that I gotta
Shoot it to the left, keep it real 'til the death
Cuz I know about these motherfuckers tryn'a take my breath
I'm livin and I'm given
But it seems that I've been driven
To stay away from all of you
Don't even wanna follow you
Never did I think you'd be the one to do us wrong
I'll see you when I see you and believe it won't be long
Now let me take myself a lil' time out
And slowly see me creep where you hide out
I met alot of faces tryn'a get me in their mazes
Cheat me for my wages
Tryn'a lock me in they cages
Believe me when I say it, so you play it to the rhythm
I listen to the words, hear you sing, but I ain't with em
I learned it from my mother, Mother how I love you so
If only you could know
I'll see you when I go

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Mr. Lil One - I Miss You

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2012-10-29 19:00 Treść piosenki

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