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Find Yourself.. by Yourself - tekst piosenki

Listen lady I jus wanna get some thangz off my chest
And let you know, I know you played separated from th rest
To tha test, is wha I put you through
I alwayz knew I would separate from you and still hang wit my crew
When I met ya, we was like a pair of rams in tha hill
And now we bumpin heads everyday like a drill
But still I'm feelin you're backin off, Money you're slackin off
Pookie don't take no loss so, gurl, you pay tha cost
Got cha lost and yo mind confused
All about Mr. Poo, can't get tha keys so you can use
A fool you playin me for, thinkin I can't see ya
Now want me to believe ya, class has started I'm tha teacher
Believer, crooked azz nigga in yo thoughts
Tha only one to switch around wha you been taught
A hawk, that's game, for all tha tricks you brang
Release you from this thang, you broke tha love I bring tha pain
A change, is sumthin I'll adapt to if I have 2
Take ova like a raptor, jus to see myself in laughter
You really wanna know, gurl, you shoulda been tha one
But I knew that this would happen for tha simple fact you young


I love you so...you'll neva knowwwww
Cause it was all about you

You know it's real, still. you wanna give me hell up on tha telephone
Tellin me, K-Roc please, stay home and get yo organ on
Not for long, miss, I'm tired
I will admit back in tha dayz that I told a lot of lies
Now that I'm right, you don't wanna see it through my eyes
I'm not tha man for you then lady please step aside
Cause they don't hear you cry and they don't hear your pain
And all I'd wish you'd do is use yo own damn brain
This thang, I left you wit I can't remove in due time
But all I need from you is reassurance that you mine
Tha signs of tha times, I can see em all comin
I don't wanna be left up in this land without my woman
Dummy I am not...but stupid I may be
But only if it means lovin you eternally
I sleep thinkin about you and I wake screamin yo name
I neva met a gurl, in this world, to make me change
It's only 1 b4 ya, which is she who brought me life
Steady tellin me it's real, when I'm knowin that you trife
In spite of wha you done, I'ma gon and make a truce
I gave you sumthin those in tha past couldnt produce
Tha use of sayin I love you to a man that wasn't yo pops
See, I love you jus like Daddy only I can hit yo spot
To tha top, we can go cause I don't want nobody else
But if you can't come at me clean then I'm gon leave you by yoself


Tired of messin wit you, thought I was finished, I aint through
See, I been waitin to tell ya, guess you been waitin on it 2
All tha tricks you used to do, thinkin I didn't know
Made a couple of suspicions to go along wit tha show
Played tha mad role, jus to see how you'd respond
And you went downhill baby, when you ran from tha home
A empty throne, by my side that's not fit for a king
You aint fit for a ring, look at tha drama that you bring
And streams of cut, I bet you feel real bad
And dreams are crushed, and left to dwell on tha past
I'm mad but glad, I kept strivin wit tha times
And wonder for you, y a good man is hard to find
Wha could it be? She always lookin for someone to take care of she
But they can't understand this game, it's 50-50 see
At least wit me that's how it is, I been doin bad for years
Hold ya own be for real, and tha scrill 'll come lata
Times gettin greater, and want me to save her
Nowhere to run cause I made her
And no I don't hate cha, I hope tha best for ya gurl
And yes, you got some mo thangz to learn bout tha world
So swirl, yo attention into yo life and wha it means

Set you some goals and get dat azz out tha streets
And me, I'm chillin and my babygurl rollin
No longer strollin, look at tha paper tha I'm holdin

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MR. POOKIE - Find Yourself.. by Yourself

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