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  • Autor: Mr. Sancho
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Mr. Sancho
Str8 Southsidin - tekst piosenki

We str8 southsidin', low-ridin'
till the day we dyin', dyin' (Clifa Thugs)
We str8 southsidin(chorus)

Everybody wanna know what sancho claim
i got my southside blood runnin through my veins
i'm from the califa thugs and the low-pro gang
now tell me mothafuckas if you think you can hang
i broke up more players that be tryin to perpertrate us
if you try to imitate us but you can not duplicate us
so you had to hate us because you can't fade us
so don't make is slap the bitch that you asked to playa hate
and commentate on us
don't you think about thinkin' your gonna roll up the clippin'
don't think that i'll be your victim
cause i boost the competition
then i'm causin' disaster
but homie you make it faster
your wifey likes it long and hard
now shes callin' me master
Soy sancho, drinkin' tekila out the bottle
now make the pay mientras te tiro balasos, PUM!
leave you in the tumb
thinkin' that everythin' is right but your destined for doom
mothafucka you cant fuck with me
cause i get evil and satanical all up in your face homie
and i dont really give a fuck about homies
take you down one by one but you are dyin' slowly
fonies you know u gets no love
and if you yappin' and i catch you then you get fucked up
cause if your rappin' and you walk home then you get stuck up
Sancho, LPG, fool
now whats up, but c'mon


Califa thuggin' everyday
patrolin' we be the sickest
soldado silencer, and mr. sancho, big capone
we stand in position preparin' for the war
and all this mothatfuckas are ready
casue they about to get smoked
i'm standin', guns i hold to you
so you wanna talk about me fuck you too
cause aint nobody gonna fuck with this thugs
whos to pull the gala thats the mothafuckin' no love
its the low-pro gang soldados with amunition
they never get no competition
and we on a mission
stick a mothafucka with fileros
southern california be the home of the surenos
droppin' the regal and strappin' it to the ground
califa thugs withthe fist representin the brown
so what you wanna do punk bitch
i'll get a mothafucka hit 'em its the same shit
if the vatos go down i give my homeboys a call
and everybody is on the way its about to get down
and i always keep away from the jura
the jura is always out to get a mothafucka like me
nobody wants to fuck with this
LPG droppin' gangsta shit
so any mothafucka wanna come and trip
low-pro wont hesitate to spit

(CHORUS) music endin'
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Mr. Sancho - Str8 Southsidin

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