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October 31
The Verdict - tekst piosenki

Let me take you to a prison
Where a man is dying behind bars
His death is right before him
But it's not his choice and it's not his fault
They served him wrong and placed him
Here to die upon death row
And there's little now to help this man
For their justice ha been done

A jury turned a blinding eye
Now death is all he sees
And now he has no choice at all
But to die in misery

Oh God above why don't you lend a hand?
To this scarred and helpless soul
Of an innocent man
For if you're up there in the sky
Why don't you make it right?
Just turn him loose and end his fight
Turn him loose and make this right

He's reached the final hour
As the minutes have ticked his life away
But mercy hasn't come for him
So he looks for faith
And he starts to pray
As the seconds fall he's taken
To the place he'll die tonight
While the preacher comes to read
To him his final dying rites

As they walk to death
The man is screaming
An innocence from the crime
And the priest believes the words he hears
From the sadness in his eyes

He tells the priest he once believed
In God above and serving thee for life
But God has chosen him to die
To make him pay for another's crime
A lie, it's just a lie
But faith is dead and now it's time
To end the pain and say goodbye...

As the man died before them
The electric chair was charged to kill
While the priest was staring at the sky
The smell of death just filled the air
Yes, the verdict death was carried out
On the man who did no wrong
The end for him had finally come
And his soul it now was gone

When the call did come after his death
Claiming that the man was free
All were shocked except the priest
Who knew the travesty

Oh God above why did you take his life?
Is he at peace there standing by your side?
Has his non-belief been born again,
For will we ever know?

The many reasons for the way things go
The many reasons for the way things go
Your many reasons for the way things go
Your many reasons for the way things go
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October 31 - The Verdict

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