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CV, CV, CV, remember me?
Same lil' nigga that was out JV
Why my momma call me crazy?
Why me daddy call me lazy?
Uh, sorry - I can't change
Lookin at life, these dark frames
Cocaine, a fiend
I'm advanced, AP
That's why the cameras take me
I'm everything that they see
You blind niggaz hating
I'm overlapping handclappin
More fame, more action
So nigga what's happenin?
So nigga what's happenin?
(So nigga what's happening?)

Ever had a dream, and you wake up livin it? (Nah)
Odd, nothin changed (changed) more change I'm gettin it (get it)
Lifestyle, I'm wild, just switchin it (yep)
Think they got Alzheimer's (why?) They forgettin it

Don't you remember me? (Nah)
Don't you remember me? (You should)
Don't you remember me? (Nah)
Don't you remember me? (They do)
Don't you remember me? (Nah)
Don't you remember me? (uhh)
Don't you remember me?
You better remember me!

A-C, remember me? Fuck you (Uhh...)
Still a rapper, no chain, still skate, dolly tray
Got a couple aliens to get in the zone
And them lames still tryin to get the number of phone
All up in MySpace tryin to get in my space
Man I gotta tell these faggots to leave me alone
Same asthma, different flare; same inhaler, different air
Same truth, a different dare, same club it's billionaire

Trillionaire, gazillionaire
So much to share, we just don't care
Ain't goin nowhere, we right here
Got a knife for spare, don't want to share

I got a couple bucks, what the fuck should I buy for lunch?
Donuts? 'Preme beetle? I'm Billie Holiday's needle
Shoot that shit, your armor's great
That rock's bitch, you got a date
It starts at 8, a one night stand
Your dinner's here (cut the steak)
Remember Sh'quanda? Team, we mob deep
Couple (Odd) niggaz just trollin down your street
Hell hath no fury when me and the devil meet
Does he remember me? (Does he remember me?)

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I said
Hold on, press flash, had dreams to get cash
That shoebox is my, stash, my first thought never comes, last
So when you see me, make sure that you wear your 3D's
This the CD; who you? Beats me
Homey you can't beat me, I'm gone you can't see me
(You can not see us) I'm gone you can't see me
I said, I'm gone you can't see me
When I pull up homey, I'm gon' fly off in that G3

Yeah; yeah man
See we the same, niggzs you knew
The only difference is
Got a little more money in our pockets
Couple more friend requests
Couple handshakes.. nothin major but
We got smiles on our faces.. remember me?
(Remember me? Remember me? Remember me?)

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