Oh The Blood - The Life She Knows


Tekst oryginalny

Sweet beloved I am tired of this game. I'm tired of the nonsense, I'm tired of the pain. One thing I know is something has a hold, on the very thoughts she thinks, the very life she knows I hope she opens her eyes before all that's left is her world in ruins. This is my request free her from the lies mend all the pieces and open those eyes not for my sake but hers alone. This could devour her down to the bone down to the bone such a sweet girl God her intentions were good but the false prophets burned her like wood. Don't let her fall God I pray I'm not late with you love, we'll pull her out and save her from the pain I wish it were fair I wish she could see the pain she's causing you and me. I'm down on my knees God free her from this that that perfect life she's in doesn't cease to exist.

Open her eyes before they take her in and they leave her life in ruins. (2x)

Spit in the dirt wash out her eyes. spit in the dirt destroy all the lies.

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