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  • Autor: OJ Da Juiceman
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OJ Da Juiceman
I Cook - tekst piosenki

(This is another raw beats production)

... I cook... I cook... I cook

Iiii cook cook cook make it sker sker sker catchin my scrapin up the sides cookin cocaine pure
Iii cook cook cook make it sker sker sker catchin my scrapin up the sides cookin cocaine pure
Iii cook cook cook make it sker sker sker catchin my scrapin up the sides cookin cocaine pure

50 bricks in, I'm bustin chickens down
Cook cook cook and I knock the block down
34 34 and I'm 10-10 young jucieman and gotta get my ass in
Niggas by talkin but I'm the best chef
Cookin with my right make ice out my left
Old skool donk ridin cirque top shelf
Trap doin numbers so u better be bring the sherriff
Gold grill man I did by myself
Year 07 and I'm ridin 07
Haters wish me hell but all I see is heaven
Posted in the hood with a ak-47
Fresh pound a kush at the table like goodfellas
Anything come in then we split it all together
Chevy v10 same color as some relish
Big money bag got the haters so jealous

Back for the bands
2 stack for the glasses
F430 bricks wrapped in plastic
Watch 63 Gs disapear like magic
Posted in the hood watchin J go at it
Bentley gt coupe squaded on all rabid
If ya outta towner then I'm big taxin
Young jucieman ya'll niggas know the name
72 donk same color as the range
Everything stoopid it's a kodak movment
If ya from the trap keep the xanax bar movin'
Indepandant but I'm ballin like I did a movie
Bouldercrest sun valley aye!
That trunk amusing 100 rack spent with your girl in houston
Multi color shawty jewlry so fruity 32 inches mounted on the dually
Blue white jacob same color the coupe is

Last night chicken in waffles I can serve u waffles
Better yet burger king, I sag like the whoppers
I flew to orange county just to buy a chopper
Money so long went n bought a helicopter
Mansion on some acres
Hummer like the lakers
White girl in and she stuffed in bago
26 inches just for a player
White gt same as a flowin glacier
Multi color diamond cause I got flavor
6:45 glidin and I'm spendin cabbage
Straight from the hood so I'm known to make it happen
Young jucieman cuh plus I do the cappin
Aisotal arm and hammer cause I'm low taxin
Big diamond ring like I past it to paxson
Ball on the track so you know it's goin platnium
Young juiceman dawg make it happen
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OJ Da Juiceman - I Cook

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