OJ Da Juiceman - Time Clock


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Hey hey hey hey hey excuse me sir excuse your 90 fat boy right I was walkin around I'm new in town I was wondering know I wouldn just so having the time on you I'm new in town I wanted to know wat time time is was it I check the time look at the clock damn I'm shining look at my watch x (4) vvs all in my time clock
Right wrist iced out backin to the time now blowin on this kush gave my vvs a wipe down white color stones same color as a snow pow had to swich the besle with a head baby stone now yung juice man and my watch go retarted ocean nail diamond and it blue just like a tarus green color stone got it lookin like a forest flava flav time but mine go the hardest we rollin in a bacelet havein it lookin flawless ridin the mewer auto band supper my time these fingr n that is planet jupier your trap is find but my trap boomin stupider

Look at my watch damn I'm shinein oww I'm blinein and your baby mama blinded stupid as watch dis shit right here be pricless and wen I hit the club mane I'm leavin with dem dices and I'm headin to my house and I'm fuckin in my nike or should I say dem murry durry cause the juice mane be so icey shout out to zatov cause he keep the juice mane workin stupid booked up and I'm diamonds just be surfing and tell me wat it do watch just look like ercle n I wen I hit texas man I be sipin on the purple yung juiceman I got that stupid money so wen I'm in the club I'm be blowin that stupid funky

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