Pendulum - Granite


Tekst oryginalny

You can hide your eyes, you can dim the lights, but they are watching!
This is a new time, with a different kind, they are the future...
The only one!

This is the final call for the setting song as they get closer.
And with full blown grace, thy will be done the show is over...
It's a new dawn!

Just leave this place behind, I'll grill your place, don't mind.
You're the only one, 'cos you're up on defense...
This is a new way!

We are standing by, no time to hide, no meeting half way.
You were sucking life through the needles eye, this is a new day...
They have won!

We would have reckon now, what we have done, left in the open.
The cool we know will rise under, they are the future...

When all your fears combined, the Memphis was refined.
I know you really tried to understand...
This is a new age!

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