Pitbull - Back up


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Big Star, uh oh!

Haters in the club, Back up!
Oh Dear God! Back up!
Wanna play god? Back up!
I suggest, I suggest that you, Back up!

I'm in the club, and ??
?? Smoke in the green, She got her hand on my nuts, what does that mean?
One of her friends, ?? tag team!
Now we said, dreams don't come true
It's like i'm dreaming when i come through
I always find something to run through
Speak into the mic mammi 'mic check one, two'
Drunk in the club, off the chain, Who gives a fuck thats why i came, so pour it up and get down ya'll have no choice but to listen to pit now
Put your ass in reverse baby, Back up!
It don't invovle money then back up!
?? Back up!
Everytime I fall i get Back up (Back up!)


Everyone knows that ?? got tight grasps
When i'm in the club DJ's bring it back
With no questions asked, the number one question is, Does he got cash?
Lil jon's at the bar 'round me and the eastside boys smoke out
Pull another, want no doubt, get a couple hoes, roll out

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