Rykarda Parasol - Covenant


Tekst oryginalny

I thought we had a deal
You were never gonna feel
Let them take and steal
Your heart would remain in tact
Ive pulled a few fast ones
Made love without abandon
You wanna know what happened?
Hear the sad one singing in your ear
Never meant to be a bad guy
Cant say I never thieved or lied
They try and pin ya dead or alive
Mostly I make out like a bandit
But I thought he had a plan
Gonna seal it with the blood of a lamb
Load the barrel and get the scared man -
So sure wed never look back
He placed me on the bed
Pushed his hand through my hair and said:
Wine and blood are both red
And neither do a thing for me at all I just lay there and I wept
He climbed off and got dressed
Next time if ever again
I'll bring you a rose
You can see it on my face
Life has left her trace Im a much colder place
Along with a broken pact

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