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Sinatra Frank - Frank Sinatra 10 CD Set
  • Data premiery: 2005-01-01
  • Dystrybutor: CD-Contact Grzegorz Jasiński
  • Data nagrania: 1965
  • Liczba płyt: 10

Sinatra Frank - Frank Sinatra 10 CD Set

Płyta 1
Płyta 2
Płyta 3
Płyta 4
Płyta 5
Płyta 6
Płyta 7
Płyta 8
Płyta 9
  • No Love, No Nothin'
    Frank Sinatra
    Shoo, Shoo Baby
    Frank Sinatra
  • Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
    Frank Sinatra
    Is You Is Or Is You Ain't
    Frank Sinatra
  • The Day After Forever
    Frank Sinatra
    Swinging On A Star
    Frank Sinatra
  • Lover Come Back To Me
    Frank Sinatra
  • What Makes The Sunset
    Frank Sinatra
  • The Girl That I Marry
    Frank Sinatra
Płyta 10

CD 1

1.  All Or Nothing At All
2.  Melancholy Mood
3.  Who Told You I Cared
4.  It's Funny To Everyone But Me
5.  Every Day Of My Life
6.  From The Bottom Of My Heart
7.  On A Little Street In Singapore
8.  Ciribiribin
9.  Here Comes The Night
10.  Violets For Your Furs
11.  The Sky Fell Down
12.  How Do You Do Without Me
13.  In The Blue Of Evening
14.  Shake Down The Stars
15.  Not So Long Ago
16.  The Fable Of The Rose
17.  Shadows On The Sand
18.  I'll Never Let A Day Pass By
19.  Just as though you were here
20.  All this and heaven too
21.  Where Do You Keep Your Heart?
22.  You're Breaking My Heart (All Over Again)
23.  Do You Know Why?

CD 2

1.  I'll be seeing you
2.  The sunshine of your smile
3.  East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
4.  Trade winds
5.  Our love affair
6.  You and I
7.  How About You
8.  You might have belonged to another
9.  Take me
10.  Let's get away from it all
11.  Daybreak
12.  People Will Say We're In Love
13.  Without a song
14.  Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
15.  There Are Such Things
16.  I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
17.  Tell me at midnight
18.  Oh! Look at me now
19.  Devil may care
20.  April played the fiddle
21.  Blue Skies
22.  Stardust

CD 3

1.  Love me as I am
2.  Moments in the moonlight
3.  Yours is my heart alone
4.  Too Romantic
5.  Head on my pillow
6.  It's always you
7.  I'll never smile again
8.  Be careful, it's my heart
9.  I could make you care
10.  You're lonely and I'm lonely
11.  Where Do You Keep Your Heart?
12.  Two in love
13.  Last Call For Love
14.  The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)
15.  It's a lovely day tomorrow
16.  Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
17.  Polka Dots and Moonbeams
18.  Looking for yesterday
19.  This is the beginning of the end
20.  Everything happens to me
21.  A sinner kissed an angel
22.  Say it
23.  The call of the canyon
24.  Whispering

CD 4

1.  I only have eyes for you
2.  The way you look tonight
3.  I'll be around
4.  She's funny that way
5.  Speak Low
6.  Long ago and far away
7.  Some other time
8.  Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
9.  Put your dreams away
10.  Let Me Love You Tonight
11.  Aren't You Glad You're You?
12.  You brought a new kind of love to me
13.  I'll never smile again
14.  Without a song
15.  Oh! What It Seemed To Be
16.  Over the rainbow
17.  My romance
18.  They say it's wonderful
19.  You are too beautiful
20.  Come Rain Or Come Shine

CD 5

1.  Kiss me again
2.  The music stopped
3.  You've Got A Hold On Me
4.  A lovely way to spend an evening
5.  Close to you
6.  My shining hour
7.  And Then You Kissed Me
8.  Mighty Like A Rose
9.  Cradle song
10.  I'll follow my secret heart
11.  Just close your eyes
12.  If you are but a dream
13.  Strange music
14.  Dick Haymes, Dick Todd and Como
15.  None but the lonely heart
16.  Ol' Man River
17.  Homesick, That's All
18.  The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful
19.  Was the last time I saw you
20.  Don't forget tonight tomorrow

CD 6

1.  It had to be you
2.  If loveliness were music
3.  I've had this feeling before
4.  My heart tells me
5.  I couldn't sleep a wink last night
6.  San Fernando Valley
7.  I'll be seeing you
8.  It could happen to you
9.  Amor
10.  I'll walk alone
11.  Porgy and Bess medley
12.  Together
13.  The trolley song
14.  With a song in my heart
15.  Begin The Beguine

CD 7

1.  No Love, No Nothing
2.  My heart tells me
3.  Shoo, shoo baby
4.  Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
5.  Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
6.  The day after forever
7.  Swinging on a star
8.  Lover come back to me
9.  I Should Care
10.  What Makes The Sunset?
11.  If I loved you
12.  Time after time
13.  The Girl That I Marry
14.  Soliloquy

CD 8

1.  Somebody loves me
2.  Exactly like you
3.  Personality
4.  Tea for two
5.  Make believe
6.  The night we called it a day
7.  Where is my Bess?
8.  You'll never know
9.  Dream (When You're Feeling Blue)
10.  Put your dreams away
11.  Day by day
12.  Oh! What it seemed to be
13.  Five minutes more
14.  The Things We Did Last Summer
15.  The Coffee Song
16.  Time After Time
17.  Mam'selle
18.  Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)

CD 9

1.  That Old Black Magic
2.  All the things you are
3.  My heart stood still
4.  As time goes by
5.  I'll be seeing you
6.  If you are but a dream
7.  There's no you
8.  When your lover has gone
9.  Stormy weather
10.  Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)
11.  Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
12.  The House I Live In (That's America To Me)
13.  These Foolish Things
14.  Where or when
15.  Someone to watch over me
16.  You go to my head
17.  I only have eyes for you

CD 10

1.  Blue Skies
2.  Guess I'll hang my tears out to dry
3.  Sweet Lorraine
4.  Falling In Love With Love
5.  There's no business like show business
6.  September Song
7.  I Believe
8.  Everybody Loves Somebody
9.  Why Was I Born?
10.  I've got a crush on you
11.  Body and soul
12.  That Old Feeling
13.  Almost Like Being In Love
14.  It never entered my mind
15.  The song is you
16.  Night And Day
17.  The Nearness Of You
18.  All Of Me

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