Taraxacum - The Red Pill


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When will we all wake up and take a look around?
Things aren't what they seem and the truth is coming out
Condition our reality, program our emotions, too
We're all asleep around the world, oh people open your eyes!!!

The sands of time are sifting through the our glass of life
The veil of all prophecy is lifting in to sight

Forget the media's white-washed version of the truth
Behind the scenes they're pulling strings that manipulate our view
Believe them if you will, have you heard about the red pill?
Believe their so called truth, it's only manufactured proof!

I take the red pill, because I really want to know
Just how deep the rabbit hole will go!
Proffessional liars for the rich who own their souls
Media is their tool of mass control!

The talking heads look so good and convincing what they say
Continuous loop of bullshit spewing 24 hours a day
Tool of propaganda to program how we think
Distort reality and truth far beyond the brink!

Knowledge is power but only for the global elite
They have our minds in prison and tell us that we're free!
Freedom of the press has turned into a joke
Journalists report only what they're told
It's a battle for our thoughts so kill your T.V.
And free your mind!

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