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The Ruby Mine - tekst piosenki

Draw the curtains! Oh joyous expectations, drastic mirth
Reveal! The time is due, the feast is cast!
The two crystal gleams... it is her eyes!
The eyes of the rapturous Maid of Vision, she is my queen to be!
They are truely gems, I can see, for they cast rays up to the roof!

I say "Behold! I am the dragon-fly, he that eats the eyes of sages!
Pierce gain and hold! The present, can the present fade?
Never! Through all the seas of time
The eyes I have eaten I have all sacrificed to Her!
Now my prayers are heard...

Encore, Orchestra! Encore!
Let the incence reach the roof of this cathedral
Spare not of everything! For masks and capes shall fall now!
She wears only bracelets and neclesses of pearls...of dew

One glance, one touch... with her scarlet lips she reveals
The secret word...That ends the flickering of the flame for good!
She says "Spiring forth! Leap into the ruby mine of my womb!
To fetch the Egg of all Eyes, spiritual and worldy"

And she says: "Bring out too, baskets and vases and jars
With fine parfumes, spices and incence for this feast,
That will make us exstatic, then drowsy & Somnolent!
Bring fine silks for our marriage bed!"

I say: "Behold! I am the dragon-fly, he that has the wisdom of's thousand eyes!
Pierce gain and hold! The present, can the present fade?
Never through all the seas of time.
Now my flame shall cease to flicker,
For I have tasted the ruby blood of her Womb
I say: "Behold! I am the dragon-fly,
I am the Beholder, you have ceased to exist!
Pierce gain and hold! The Present, can the present fade?
Never! Through all the seas of time.
Now I shall cease to pierce, for I have married
The Maid of Spirit-Vision
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Tartaros - The Ruby Mine

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