The Isley Brothers - Eternal


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I love you
I love you
And this is eternal, oh

It's love, true love
That brings my heart to you
Home to you girl, yeah
And it's the same
Deep feeling of love
That brings you close to, to me baby
Oh, but tonight I want my arms
And body wrapped all around you
All around you
For as close as we both are
So much closer we will be
Believe in me, yeah

1 - Here and now
I wanna take a lover's vow
I want you to come with me now
Let's make tonight the first night of a love eternal

Day and night
We'll have an everlasting life
I wanna feel it shining bright
Let's make tonight the first night of a love eternal

Here in this place our passions move
Move in slow motion
Oh, while the rest of the world
In real time passes by, rushes by
Oh, I expressly forbid
Any heartache to ever, ever, ever, ever
Come anywhere, anywhere, anywhere near you girl
Oh, we'll use our love as protection
You'll never, never, never, never
Never have to cry oh, dry your eyes

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

I'll dry your eyes girl, oh

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Hey, oooh, oooh baby
Oh, Lord have mercy
You see, all I know is I love you girl
And I need you baby
Ooo weee, oooh wee
Ooo wee, ooh wee baby
Ah, ah, ah
Feel your body
All around me baby
I don't need no one but you girl
Oh, for the rest of my life
Your life and my life
We'll be eternal

2 - (Baby our love's eternal)
(Baby my love is eternal)

Repeat 2 while:
Oh whoa, whoa oh, oh yeah
Yeah, oh I need, trust in you girl
Nobody can tell me anything
Anything, anything about you baby
You been good to me girl
Oh, this is forever baby
Forever and ever and ever and ever
Ever, ever, ever
It's eternal
Forever, ever, ever, ever, ever ever
Oh, I, I love you girl
I really, really, really, really, really really, really

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