Tilt - Yellow Bellies


Tekst oryginalny

Make the sink a virgin genuflect and piss in it, worth all the seamy =
Novelties we ripped off at the joke store, we could be immortal the way =
We get away with it, we ridicule the mannequins who come here just to =
Look bored. Nicotine molested taste it on our fingertips, black tongue =
And vodka spit well, nicotine molested taste it on our fingertips, black =
Tongue and vodka spit well, little yellow bellies little yellow bellies =
Walking side by side, side by side. Welding up the air hole indicates =
We'd better go, kicked out of a trailer park unconscious in a shoe =
Store, we may be immortal the way we get away with it, proudly stolen =
Cuts of meathemmorrhage on the counter top. We live and live.
Submitted by: Mel

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