T'Pau - Heart and soul


Tekst oryginalny

Something in the moonlight
catches my eye
The shadow of a lover
goes dancing by.
Looking for a little bit
of love to grow
So give me love

give me heart and soul.
You never let me cross
to the other side now

I'm tied to the hope
that you will somehow.
Hard on the heels
of something more

But I lost your love

heart and soul.

The tear in my heart
as you walk on by
More than an ocean
I feel so low
and your head is high

Everything you do
convinces me more
Keeps us apart

give me love

give me heart and soul.
Looking to the day
when I saw your face I feel a tearing
I wasn't in the running

I wasn't in the race' In half of my heart.
You moved in a way
that I'd known before

Now I want your love
heart and soul.
Tired eyes
tears that dried on the bed
/Leaving you ain't easy now

On the pillow

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