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Various Artists - Gypsy Blood a Tribute to Jimi Hendrix Vol.2
  • Data premiery: 2005-01-01
  • Dystrybutor: Jazz Sound
  • Data nagrania: 2005
  • Liczba płyt: 1

Various Artists - Gypsy Blood a Tribute to Jimi Hendrix Vol.2

  • Bold As Love
    Roben Ford
    Little Wing
    Mark Doyle
  • Purple Haze
    Larry Coryell
    Spanish Castle Magic
    Robards Jason
  • Hear My Train a Comin'
    Steve Lukather
    Who Knows
    Jeff Richman
  • Little Miss Lover
    Tony Spinner
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Arlen Roth
  • Crosstown Traffic
    Alessio Menconi
    Rainy Day, Dream Away
    Vic Vergeat
  • Angel
    John Nitzinger
    You Got Me Floatin'
    Hiram Bullock
  • Freedom
    Mike Onesko
    Room Full of Mirrors
    Joe Colombo
  • Ezy Ryder
    Pat Travers
    Antonello Pudva
  • All Along the Watchtower
    Merrell Fankhauser

What is there left to say about Jimi Hendrix?" guitarist Mark Doyle inquires within Gypsy Blood's booklet. Indeed, what new can be added to all that's been said about this remarkable man's all too short life and career. But there's still much to tell, for decades after his death, Hendrix continues to impress and inspire young and old alike. For many musicians, Hendrix was what drove them to pick up an instrument in the first place, and now, for the second time, a coterie of those so inspired have come together to pay tribute to their hero.

Few will ever equal his skill on guitar, but that doesn't stop many from trying, slavishly imitating his style, although on this compilation a surprising number bring their own unique stamp to their song. Larry Coryell, for example, gives a startlingly avant-garde and jazzy reading of "Purple Haze," Arlen Roth takes "The Wind Cries Mary" deep down into the blues, Vic Vergeat pumps up "Rainy Day, Dream Away" with a wonderfully rolling R&B sound, Mike Onesko storms across "Freedom," "Ezy Ryder" wheels away at warp speed in Pat Travers' hands, while "Midnight" is metal time for Antonello Pudva.

The compilation ends with Hendrix himself speaking, courtesy of long-ago radio interviews, but his words, "This is why I like what we're doing, because people show some kind of enthusiasm, they really get into what we're trying to do...," perfectly sums up this set. People getting into what Hendrix did, showing their enthusiasm for it, and paying their own homage to one of the world's greatest guitarists. ~ Jo-Ann Greene

The players on this 18 track CD come from across the rock spectrum to pay their own homage to Hendrix. From the redoubtable Scott Finch's signature reinvention of "Spanish Castle Magic," to Pat Travers' dynamic "Ezy Rider" -- and Larry Coryell's version

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