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Various Artists - Simply Rock'n'Roll
  • Data premiery: 2005-09-22
  • Dystrybutor: Kartel
  • Data nagrania: 2006
  • Liczba płyt: 1

Various Artists - Simply Rock'n'Roll

  • Swingin' On A Star
    Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva
    Rock Around The Clock
    Bill Haley & The Comets
  • Raunchy
    Bill Justis
    Flyin' Saucers Rock 'N' Roll
    Billy Lee Riley
  • Red Hot
    Billy Lee Riley
    I Fought The Law
    Bobby Fuller Four
  • Hey! Baby
    Bruce Channel
    Buddy Holly & The Picks
  • Peggy Sue
    Buddy Holly & The Picks
    Raining In My Heart
    Buddy Holly & The Picks
  • True Love Ways
    Buddy Holly & The Picks
    Ubangi Stomp
    Carl Mann
  • Blue Suede Shoes
    Carl Perkins
    Boppin' The Blues
    Carl Perkins
  • Matchbox
    Carl Perkins
    Put Your Cat Clothes On
    Carl Perkins
  • Roll Over Beethoven
    Carl Perkins
    I Forgot To Remember To Forget
    Charlie Feathers
  • Lonely Weekends
    Charlie Rich
    Sea Cruise
    Clarence "Frogman" Henry
  • Forty Miles Of Bad Road
    Duane Eddy
    Rebel Rouser
    Duane Eddy
  • The Hucklebuck
    Earl Hooker
    Duke Of Earl
    Gene Chandler
  • The Twist
    Hank Ballard & The Midniters
  • Love My Baby
    Hayden Thompson
    Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
    Huey "piano" Smith & The Clowns
  • High School Confidential
    Jerry Lee Lewis
  • What'd I Say?
    Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    Good Timin'
    Jimmy Jones
  • Handy Man
    Jimmy Jones
    Peppermint Twist
    Joey Dee & The Starliters
  • Red River Rock
    Johnny & The Hurricanes
  • Soul Twist
    King Curtis
    Mystery Train
    Little Junior's Blue Flames
  • Bama Lama Bama Loo
    Little Richard
  • Keep-A-Knockin'
    Little Richard
  • Ooh! My Soul
    Little Richard
    Tutti Frutti
    Little Richard
  • Red-Headed Woman
    Sonny Burgess
  • To Know Him Is To Love Him
    Teddy Bears
    Cool Jerk
    The Capitols
  • Tequila
    The Champs
    Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite
    The Spaniels
  • Uranium Rock
    Warren Smith
1. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On      David/Williams2. Tutti Frutti     LaBostrie/Lubin/Pen3. Rock Around the Clock     DeKnight/Freedman4. Heartbeat     Montgomery/Petty5. Red Hot     Emerson6. I Fought the Law     Curtis7. Get Rhythm     Cash8. Put Your Cat Clothes On     Perkins9. Red River Rock     Traditional10. Peppermint Twist     Dee/Glover11. Rebel Rouser     Eddy/Hazlewood12. Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu     Smith/Vincent13. Great Balls of Fire     Blackwell/Hammer14. Hey! Baby!     Channel/Cobb15. To Know Him Is to Love Him     Spector16. Good Golly Miss Molly     Blackwell/Marascalc17. Boppin' the Blues     Griffin/Perkins18. Mystery Train     Parker/Phillips19. True Love Ways     Holly/Petty20. I Walk the Line     Cash21. Say Mama     Earl/Meeks22. Raunchy     Justis/Manker23. Ubangi Stomp     Underwood24. Uranium Rock     Hopson25. Ooh! My Soul     Little Richard26. Duke of Earl     Dixon/Edwards/Willi27. Good Timin'     Ballard/Tobias28. Love My Baby     Parker29. Breathless     Blackwell30. Claudette (Demo)     Orbison31. Blue Suede Shoes     Perkins32. High School Confidential     Hargrave/Lewis33. Lucille     Collins/Penniman34. Tequila     Rio35. The Twist     Ballard36. Soul Twist     King Curtis37. Raining in My Heart     Bryant/Bryant38. Matchbox     Perkins39. Ooby Dooby     Moore/Penner40. What'd I Say?     Charles41. Swingin' on a Star     Burke/Van Heusen42. Sea Cruise     Smith/Vincent43. I Forgot to Remember to Forget     Feathers/Kesler44. Luther Played the Boogie     Cash45. Lonely Weekends     Rich46. Peggy Sue     Allison/Holly/Petty47. Cool Jerk     Storball48. Keep-A-Knockin'     Penniman49. Sweet Little Sixteen     Berry50. Roll Over Beethoven     Berry51. Forty Miles of Bad Road     Casey/Eddy52. Domino     Orbison/Phillips53. The Hucklebuck     Gibson54. Story of the Rockers     Pewter55. Bama Lama Bama Loo     Penniman56. Red-Headed Woman     Burgess57. Handy Man     Blackwell/Jones58. Flyin' Saucers Rock 'N' Roll     Scott59. It'll Be Me     Clement60. Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite     Carter/Hudson
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