Vengaboys - Kiss


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Every Friday
My head's spinnin'round and round
Been Wworking all week now, baby
Yes it's my day
I take a trip downtown
To my favorite club now, baby
That's when I see you
With loving arms to fall into
But I'm not looking for full time love
There's still so much I wanna do

I only kiss kiss kiss when the sun don't shine
Oh ohoh! Oh hohoh!
You wanna kiss kiss kiss then tonight is fine
Oh ohoh! Oh ohoh!

Can live without it
I don't want a full time love
Cause It's not on my mind now, baby
You know my freedom
Is what I'm thinking of
And I Ain't got the time now, baby
Straight out of the blue
You came and asked me to
Be yor date in the daytime babe
But I am sorry no can do


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