Yasmeen - Love Is On The Way


Tekst oryginalny

Waking up alone

in a room that still reminds me

My heart has got to learn to forget

Starting on my own

With every breath I'm getting stronger

This is not the time for regret

'Cause I don't need to hang on

to heartbreak

When there's so much of life left to live


Love is on the way

On wings of angels

I know it's true, I feel it coming through

Love is on the way

Time is turning the pages

I don't know when

But love will find me again

I am not afraid

Of the mystery of tomorrow

I have found the faith deep within

There's a promise I have made

There's a dream I'm gonna follw

There's another chance to begin

And it's coming as sure as the heavens

I can feel it right here in my heart


(Oh I know, I know down deep

down in my heart I know that....)


I don't know when

But love will find me again....

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